Ginger Removes Face Spots & Scars

Ginger is used in every kitchen as a spice but do you know that it is also used to remove black spots on face homemade remedies ?. In this post we will use ginger in our skin home treatment to remove dark spots and scars. It takes time but you will get back your original skin color if you apply this treatment regularly. Although lots of face spot remover or scar remover products are available in the market but most of them contains harsh and toxic ingredients, which may damage our skin. But homemade treatment does not contains any chemical and are totally safe. You can easily make and apply it in following steps.

Follow the steps

  • Remember we will use always fresh ginger. So first of all take fresh ginger and wash it well and peel it.
  • Now cut in some pieces and make its juice with the help of a food processor.
  • Now take 2 tablespoon of juice in a small glass bowl.
  • Add one tablespoon of organic raw honey in it and mix well. Now your product is ready to apply.

Method of application.

  • Use this home treatment at night before going to bed. First of all remove your face makeup and clean your face properly.
  • Now wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry the skin and dab the juice on spots or scars.
  • Leave the application on your face minimum 20 minutes and wash with cold water and moisturize.
It is a very fine home treatment to fade or to remove face marks and spots. You can apply this nice home treatment daily at night according to your requirement needed. You can apply this treatment on your full face but protecting your eyes. It gently exfoliate your skin and moisturize. This nice home treatment is also very useful to remove skin tan.

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