Homemade Fair Skin Cream for Winter – Get Fairness

As we know that there are so many creams are available in the market to get fair skin tone or fairness. But most of them contains some chemicals that may harm your face skin with longer use, if applied without recommendation of a dermatologist or an expert. These days we can see lots of advertisements about getting quick fairness. But don’t go with these cheap and unrecommended or newly launched products. Homemade organic products are very safe if prepared and applied according to instructions.

We don’t use any ingredients of harsh chemical to make our products. All the products we use are easily available in our home and we use them in our daily life and we trust on them. In this post of organic skin care we will learn about making of a nice cream at home to get fairness or to get more fair skin. This homemade cream you can apply on your face regularly during winter season as a night face cream, before going to bed. With regular application you can also fade your dark face spots and it will also improve your skin complexion. You can make this nice night face cream by following these steps.


Make cream in following steps.

  • First of all grind 8 water soaked almond well, to make a smooth paste and keep it in a glass bowl.
  • Now add 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder in it.
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of fresh yogurt also.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of manuka honey.
  • Finally add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice.
  • Now mix all the ingredients well to become a fine and smooth paste. You are done and your cream is ready.

Method of application.

  • For good result it is better to apply this home treatment at night before going to bed. First of all remove your face makeup and after cleaning well wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry the face skin.
  • Now apply the homemade cream on your face with the help of your fingertips, leaving your eyes area and giving a gentle massage for 2 to 3 minutes, during application.
  • Now leave the application on your face for overnight and wash in the morning with warm water and apply some rose water on your face before you moisturize your face.
  • Always remember that if you are suffering with acne, blackheads or you have acne prone skin, apply oil free moisturizer on your face to reduce your acne or pimple problem.
This is a very nice homemade treatment to keep your skin fresh and healthy. You can apply this home treatment twice in a week to maintain your skin freshness. It will protect your skin with dry or rough skin problem in winter season. You can protect your skin with bad drying effect or cold waves of winter weather condition. It is also a very nice treatment to fade your dark face spots and to get more fair and lighter skin tone. It will also clear the skin pores and gently exfoliate the skin and you will get relief with acne or pimple.

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