7 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Pregnancy

It’s almost like your body is prepping you to care for your baby’s delicate skin.

During pregnancy, you’re prone to acne, rashes, and other itchiness.

The fluctuations of your hormones are wreaking havoc on your body.

You’ll be more sensitive than you ever were except when you were an infant.

Keep Your Skin Healthy During Pregnancy

But you’re not powerless.

There are five simple things you can do to keep your skin healthy while you’re pregnant.

Tip one: skip the smelly good stuff

The first rule of thumb to protect delicate skin is to avoid harsh ingredients.

You need to take a break from the perfumes, fragranced lotions, and good-smelling shower gels you used before.

Check the label on all your skincare products.

Avoid the ones with artificial fragrances (“parfum”) and dyes (FD&C 1, etc.).

Skip the sulfates in body washes and look for pH-balanced soaps.

You don’t need parabens or retinol either. Both of these can pass to your baby. (1)

Instead, opt for the safe facial cleansers that have nourishing ingredients without all the no-nos.

Tip two: keep the pores clear

Acne is the result of clogged pores and bacteria.

Some of us are genetically inclined to break out more than others.

But whatever your family history, you can limit the number of pimples by the way you care for your skin.

For example, there are face washes for pregnancy acne. These are specially designed to keep your pores clear without causing problems for you or your baby.

Also, exfoliate regularly.

Use a washcloth or a soft loofah or a motorized brush like a Clarisonic to remove dead skin.

If you have naturally oily skin, do it every two or three days.

Tip three: wear sunscreen

You don’t need to worry about chemicals absorbing into your skin if you use a mineral sunscreen.

Get one made for babies if you’re worried. The formula will be strong enough.

Sunscreen doesn’t just prevent sunburn.

It keeps you from getting the facial discoloration called the “mask of pregnancy” (2).

Plus, it keeps your skin looking younger.

Tip four: water is your friend

Clearly, you need to drink plenty of water.

But have you considered the fact that extra rinsing may save your skin?

If you have been breaking out or itchy lately, rinse your clothing and bedding and towels a second time.

Moreover, make sure you rinse off shampoo and soap completely.

Getting rid of leftover detergent and chemicals like this often solves the problem.

Tip five: practice flexible fashion

My mother was dealing with menopause when she taught me something really useful.

She dressed in layers with clothing that was easy to remove.

While you’re pregnant, you’re not just dealing with changes in body size.

You’re also facing an alteration in body temperature.

If you get too hot, you might get a heat rash.

Plan your outfits with an eye to comfort. This includes your shoes.

Tip six: chat with the doctor

It’s never too soon to ask your doctor all the pregnancy questions you have.

Pick her brains for tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy while you’re expecting.

Make a list and bring it to the visit. Take notes while you listen.

It’s good practice for the future, I promise.

Tip seven: reduce stress

Weirdly enough, stress alone is enough to cause skin problems.

I realize you’ve got a lot going on. You’re probably dealing with your job, setting up the nursery, and feeling less than spectacular some of the time.

And just telling someone to reduce their stress doesn’t help at all.

I personally find two things helpful: making crafts and singing out loud.

So, ask yourself, what helps you feel relaxed? What distracts you from your troubles?

Is it playing music? Going for a drive? Laughing with friends at a movie?

Do it.

You’re likely to find that things look a lot brighter once you’ve taken a breather.

In conclusion, I wish you a happy and healthy future.


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