How to Lighten Pimple Spots of Face ? Get More Fair & Radiant Skin

Ugly dark spots of pimple is a common well known skin problem. These dark spots could be disappear by regular treatment. It is recommend that don’t go with quick removal of dark spots. Because the product you want to apply on your face for quick removal, may contain some harsh chemical which can damage your skin cells. This may cause some other problems in future. So it is best to use your own homemade product which is safe for your skin.


Method of preparation

  • First of all take 2 tablespoon of liquid glycerin (undiluted) in a glass bowl. You can find this product from any medical shop.
  • Add 8 tablespoon of rose water into it and mix both the ingredients well to become smooth. Now transfer this liquid in a glass bottle to store. Now your product is ready remember to keep it in cool and dry place.

Method of application

  • Apply this lotion minimum twice in a day. You can apply this treatment in the morning half an hour before taking your bath and at night before going to bed. When you apply this home treatment at night you can leave the product on your face for overnight.
  • Before application first of all remove your face makeup, clean and wash your face well with lukewarm water and pat dry the skin.
  • Now take 1 tablespoon of prepared lotion in a glass bowl and add 1 drop of fresh lemon juice into it and mix well. Now apply it on your affected area of face, leaving your eyes area. You can also apply it on your full face.
  • Now leave the product on your face for minimum 30 minutes and wash your face with normal water or with lukewarm water. When you apply it second time at night before going to bed, you can leave the product on your face for overnight and wash in the morning with lukewarm water.
  • If you don’t want to leave the product overnight, wash your face after 30 minutes with lukewarm water and moisturize your face with oil free moisturizer.

Apply this nice homemade treatment regularly if you want to remove your dark face spots of pimple from your face. Although this treatment takes some time to give its good result but if you keep patience, it can remove all the ugly pimple spots of your face. If you apply this treatment on your full face regularly it will acts as a nice skin lightener and give your more fair and radiant skin. It will also lighten your skin tone and skin color. If your face skin becomes dry during harsh cold weather condition, apply this treatment daily at night before going to bed. It will solve your problem. Glycerin give nice hydration to your skin without leaving oily effect. This homemade skin lotion is also useful to you if you are suffering with acne or pimple problem. It unclogs the tiny skin pores and controls the surface oil which helps to prevent your face with acne, blackheads and pimple and give relief in existing problems.

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