Pimple Treatment With Cinnamon & Remove Face Spots With Nutmeg

When acne and pimple are not cured properly, it leaves dark spots and scars on your face. We must be very careful from starting of these problems. Very first step is to control your daily diet and avoid oily, more spicy and more fried food. Try to take once or twice total boiled food in a week. You will surprise it will control your more than thirty percent acne or pimple problem. Although there are lots of cream and other products are available in the market for acne or pimple problem. But it is better to go with homemade face pack, facial mask and other herbal products that you can make very easily at your home. There are so many spices that we use daily in our food, are also use to control our skin problems. Nutmeg and Cinnamon are very useful spices for our skin treatment. If you are suffering swollen pimple on your face or you have some dark spots on your face, you can use these spices to get rid of with pimple and spots of face. First of all prepare your product as described below.

For pimple

  • If you are feeling redness and swelling in pimple you can apply this home treatment. This is a nice treatment to remove redness and swelling of pimple in very short period of time.
  • First of all take a piece of cloth and rub it on a hard rough and stony surface, with some drops of water. collect some cinnamon paste in a glass bowl. Your product is ready to apply.
  • Better time for this application is

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