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Exfoliate, nourish & moisturize your face with mixed fruit facial mask

As I always say and recommend that seasonal fruits facial mask or face pack are the best to maintain your skin or face beauty and to give proper and sufficient nutrition to skin. Try to take fresh seasonal fruits in your daily diet. As you know that fruits are a good natural source of different vitamins and essential nutrients which are very important for our immune system and for our overall health.

mix fruit

In this post of organic skin care I am going to tell you how you can use some tropical fruits as a facial mask in summer season to maintain your skin beauty or to improve your skin health. We will use some tropical fruits like, Papaya, Banana and Avocado in this preparation.

To make this mix fruits facial mask follow the steps below
  • First of all take well blended flesh of one medium size Avocado, in a glass bowl.
  • Now add one well blended banana pulp in it.
  • Finally add 8 tablespoon of well blended ripe papaya pulp.
  • Now mix all the ingredients well to become a fine smooth paste. Now you are done and your facial mask is ready to use.
Method of application

  • First of all wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. Now with the help of your finger tips apply this on your face giving a gentle massage and a round motion, leaving your eye area. When whole face is covered, leave this facial mask on your face for 30 minutes. Now wash your face with normal water and moisturize. For better result use this application at night before going to bed.

You can use this application daily in summer season to protect your skin with acne or pimple or other skin disorders. It will improve your skin tone also. You will find a new natural glow on your face. If you regular use this application during summer season, it will also prevent sun burn and tanned skin.
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