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Prevent sunburn, wrinkles & age spots during summer

Sunscreen lotion is very important in any season but it is most important in summer season to protect our skin with skin tan or sunburn which causes wrinkles and age spots also. Always apply sunscreen lotion minimum 30 minutes before going to out side in hot weather. More exposure or body part in sunlight causes skin tanning, fine lines or wrinkles and age spots due ultra violet rays of the sun. When these rays penetrates deeply in skin layers, it results sun burn. In this post I am telling you how you can make a nice sunscreen lotion at home.


Make your own sunscreen lotion follow the steps below.
  • We will make this sunscreen lotion in a double boiler. So first of all start your double boiler to boil water.
  • Now put 5 tablespoon beeswax pallets in glass bowl.
  • Add 1 cup of shea butter and stir a little.
  • Now let the both ingredients to melt.
  • Now add one cup of coconut oil and stir to mix all the ingredients finely.
  • Remove the glass bowl from boiling water and add 7 tablespoon of zinc oxide in it and mix all the ingredients thoroughly with a hand mixer until it become smooth.
  • Now pour all in a glass jar and allow it to cool. 
  • Now your homemade sunscreen lotion is ready and you can keep it for more than six month.

Method of application.
  • When you need just apply it on your skin and rub gently with your fingers to spread. Use this home treatment to protect your skin to damage in summer season.
You can apply this homemade sunscreen lotion in any weather condition because we must use sunscreen lotion in any weather condition. Remember that ultra violet rays of sun could damage your skin in any weather condition, if exposed more. If you apply regularly sunscreen lotion during whole summer season, you can prevent your skin with summer sun burn and skin tan in hot weather condition.
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