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Remove face marks spots

If you remember I have given you a homemade treatment to remove acne or pimple face spots using nutmeg. Do you know that nutmeg butter is also very useful to get rid of with uneven skin problem and to remove marks from your face?. In this post I will tell you one more nice use of nutmeg in homemade remedies. This is also a very nice treatment if your apply regularly to fade out your ugly acne or pimple marks or dark face spots. It will take time but if you apply it regularly at bed time it will solve your problem. It will also hydrate your skin well and also a very nice bed time treatment if you have problem related to dry skin.
face spots

Follow the steps below
  • Take some nutmeg butter in a glass bowl.
  • Now dip this glass bowl in hot water to give some heat to butter.
  • In few minutes it will be soft and ready to use. Now you can use this on your face.
Method of application.

  • Apply this nice easy home treatment at night before going to bed daily.
  • So first of all remove your face makeup and clean your face properly and wash with lukewarm water and pat dry the face.
  • Now put some product on your fingertips and apply on your face giving a gentle massage on your skin for minimum 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Give some more massage on dark spots or marks.
  • Leave the application on your face for overnight or leave minimum 2 hours. But it is better to leave overnight for good result.

This home treatment is very effective to get rid of with uneven skin problem. It will also acts well to remove dark spots that are caused by acne or pimple. It solves your dry skin problem and give you a soft and more fair skin.
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