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Sandalwood powder for skin care | प्राकृतिक दवाइयाँ

In homemade skin care recipes Sandalwood powder is very popular to make face pack and facial mask. This nice organic product is used from ancient time to care our skin. Lots of herbal products are available in cosmetic market that contains, sandalwood as its main ingredients. This is very nice organic product to get fair skin. In this post we will know about this natural herbal product.

                                                   Sandalwood and Sandalwood powder

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood from a tree. This wood has a special quality it could retain its fragrance for a long long time even decades. Essential oil are also derived from this wood. Like turmeric, Sandalwood oil and Sandalwood powder is used on large scale in cosmetic industries and in homemade herbal skin care products. We can get it from any cosmetic shop in the form of powder or oil. But remember don't use Sandalwood oil directly on skin without properly diluting it with a carrier oil due to its heavy strength. Sandalwood powder you can use directly on your skin.

Medicinal property
Main component of this natural herbal product is beta-santalol who has anti-microbial property. So Sandalwood has a great anti-microbial and anti-septic property.

Use in homemade skin care
1.  You can use Sandalwood daily to get fair skin.
2.  You can use Sandalwood to remove blackheads from your face.
3.  You can use Sandalwood to get rid of with acne or pimple.
4.  You can use Sandalwood to remove face spots.
5.  You can use Sandalwood to get lighter skin tone.
6.  You can use Sandalwood to remove acne pimple scars from your face.

One thing I want to say that any treatment you use wants some time to show its perfect result. So give some time to any home treatment and use it regularly to get result. All homemade organic treatments are safe to apply and with no side effect. In the next post we will learn about gram flour and its use in homemade skin care.
प्राकृतिक दवाइयाँ
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