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Homemade remedies for under eye darkness, dark circles or blemishes

Dark skin under eyes or under eye darkness  is normally known as dark circles. There are so many causes for this skin disorder. More stress, age, lack of proper sleep and nutritional deficiency are main factors. We purchase different skin care product and use to remove this problem but one thing I want to say that we will have to change some of our daily routine with the treatment to get success. In this post of organic skin care I am giving you some home treatment using some natural products to remove this disorder. We can control this problem applying some changes in our daily life style and with following some homemade remedies and tips that you can follow very easily.

Some treatments and tips
  • Dip two cotton piece in fresh cucumber juice and put it on your eyes covering whole dark skin area at bed time. If you can keep overnight it is better. Do it daily.
  • Take 4 almonds ( which are already soaked in milk overnight ) and make a paste. Now once in a day apply this paste on affected area and massage gently for 20 minutes and wash.
  • Once in a day apply olive oil and massage gently for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take minimum 8 hrs. sleep.
  • Don't take more stress.
  • Use more green vegetables and salad in your daily diet.
  • Always have a light dinner with less spicy and oily items.
Dark circles or under eye darkness could be removed completely but you will have to apply above mentioned recommendations. If you follow above mentioned remedies and tips, your problem will get rid of in few days. This is also very effective home treatment to control blemishes problem. You will get a fair skin with lighter skin tone with regular application.
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