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Sandalwood for acne - more fairer skin tone - home made tips

Sandalwood is a natural product that magically effects in the treatment of acne or pimple. Many natural skin care products which are available in cosmetic market use sandalwood in their recipes. It also improves skin tone and gives more lighter skin color. In this post of organic homemade skin care we will learn how we can make a nice face pack using sandalwood powder to control acne, pimple, oily skin and to get a more fairer skin complexion. To make this nice face pack you can follow these steps.

Method of preparation
  • First of all take one tablespoon of Sandalwood powder in a glass bowl.
  • Now add a pinch of turmeric powder into it.
  • In this step remember one thing if you have oily skin type, add some water and mix it well to become a fine and smooth paste.
  • But if you have dry skin type add milk and mix it to become a fine and smooth paste. You are done now and your nice face pack is ready to use.
Method of application
  • At bed time first of all remove your face makeup and clean your face properly and wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry the skin.
  • Now apply this prepared face mask on your face using your fingertips and leaving your eyes.
  • You can leave the application for overnight for better effect or wash after leaving it one hour on your face with lukewarm water and apply some rose water before you moisturize your face.

Turmeric and sandalwood are two very effective natural ingredients for our skin and are very effective to prevent and cure these problems. If you have not heredity of dark color, it will also gives you more fair or fairer skin tone in few days if you follow this nice home treatment regularly. With regular application it will also remove dark face spots of your face.
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